Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maple Taffy Ice Cream Log -- 50% off

Coaticook: Maple Taff Ice Cream Log
"Do you want to know why this was on sale?", Mary asked me just as we were ready to close down for the evening.

"OK.  I will bite.  Why."

She took the lid off of the tray

The log was no longer on the tray, but stuck to the top of the carton.

Alright.  Maybe this was not our best buy of the day.

But it was 50% off. 

Fifty per cent off and 100 % of it upside down on the top of the clear plastic that was to protect its structure, not stick to it.


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  1. Duncan wants you to mail him one of these... it sounds delicious (even if flat on one side...)