Monday, April 16, 2012

A Simple Home Evening

"see p 46 for Loran runs for the jack knife"
Tonight for Family Home Evening, we ate ice-cream and read from Doral Pilling's Oral History:

1. Amanda and the poisoned oats (p 19)

2. Pinching the teacher (p 29)

3. First fight with Ivan (p 47)

4. Preseason duck hunting  (p 48)

5. The White horse (p 63 )

6. Loran runs for the jack knife under the Mexican hat (p. 46 )

Amazing, isn't it, that most of the readers of this blog will know all of these family stories.

Now Naomi and Xavier know the stories, though they don't think in the same way that their ancestors did, so there was some explaining to do. As well, the bowls of ice-cream were only medium and not large.  We are loosing some of the family mo-jo.

It is a good thing the stories are written down, so that I don't embellish them, since they are quite good as they are.  Still, I find myself adding choice words that Doral edited out of the story.

Second paragraph starts, "Three fellows went hunting
for pheasants with Frank at Brooks. 
There was a place that seemed an extra good prospect ....
Mary spent extra time after the story, for she had to explain the kindest way to take care of an old and faithful horse who could not make it through the winter.  Naomi loves horses and exegesis and a little hermeneutics didn't hurt so that she could find some closure in the tale.

I copied down the page numbers of some of the story favorites for I am finding I can't remember which ones I have read to which grandchildren, now -- but I can check them off in the index, which may help me for the next time I am here.

I find Mary's copy of Doral's memoirs, irritating, for they are bound backwards, so I am always opening the book upside down.  If it hadn't been me who gave them to her, I would complain about that.

And a big whoops to me for I forgot to tell what happened at the end of Family Home Evening.  Mary, warmed to the occasion, asked her children if they had ever seen two hairs fight.  Yes!  Two hairs fight. 

They had not and so we went to the kitchen to observe this amazing phenomenon.  If you have not seen it, please say so in the comment box of this blog and someone will show you this amazing feet, which must be seen in person to be believed.


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