Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unmarked Miracles

Long distance calling ... long, long distance.
I was in a place, a place back in the 1940’s and 1950’s, that lets me be wondrous about certain miracles that are omni present.

I remembered one today.

Duncan called from London, England, to chat with his cousin, Xavier in Aylmer Quebec.
After school snack in front of the TV --
... apples and home made bread...
...dripping with eucalyptus flavoured honey...

I set up a time for a call back that accounted for the time differences between the two and then emailed the British one when the Canadian one got home from school.

The boys then called again on an unlimited (as far as cost and time goes) telephone line and chatted – about how to go into files on the computer – into Properties, and then “over, over” I heard the one on my end say to the other.

... Kids TV ... how fun is this!

In the meantime the girls are on the couch with unlimited access to kids TV shoes – a far cry from me hearing one of mine, calling into the sound box of the TV, “Don’t go, Mr. Dress Up. Don’t go.”
Not much else to do than watch TV and do crafts -- at least not from a wheel chair.

I Sometimes I lose track of how so many changes, things I never thought I would see happen, are every-day occurrences.

Can anyone else remember the days when, if a long distance phone call came to your house, everyone was shouting, “Hurry to the phone! It is long distance.”


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