Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Weather Turns Around

Photo: Arta

This morning's news reported that there would be snow in central Canada.

Hard to believe, because when I left the daffodils were out, the trees were in bloom, and families were raking up winter's debris. 

We had at least eight bags and that was all from the front yard.
Photo: Anne Marie

The Brooks family had this stop in the park on the way to the airport, which merited a picnic lunch at the very least.

An afternoon could have been spent relaxing in the sun, taking pictures and running after butterflies who were landing everywhere.

But ours was just a pause for a few photos.

Perhaps next year there will be a blanket, deviled eggs, cheese, ham sandwiches and drinks.


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  1. When you write a post, it makes the world a place everyone wants to live in. Keep tricking me,please!

    Love, Kelvin