Thursday, April 12, 2012

The New Cast

testing out lime sherbet in a mini cone
From Mary:

Got a call from Leo and Naomi.

She now has a new bright green fiberglass cast.  This one has a bent knee so she can sit more easily.

The Dr. let her wash and scrub her leg in between getting the old one off and the new one on.

Then he set her up with crutches and sent her to a clinic to get a lesson on how to use them.

a bent cast -- some benefits, some draw backs
She is allowed to go up and down stairs on her bottom as long as she has a spotter.  No using the crutches on the stairs.
As well, a friend found a child size wheelchair at Value Village for us. 

Naomi wants to keep it, even after she is well.

That is left to be decided later.


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  1. the green cast looks excellent with the pink socks! I NEVER got a green cast. ...all three times I broke a bone, I just got a lousy white plaster cast. Lucky you, Naomi!