Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Radio

... new orange artwork ... right centre border ...
When I was five my dad bought a brand new upright radio encased in a 3 feet tall wooden cabinet.

Maureen Beecher told me she can remember Charlie and Doral hovering over it all afternoon one day in May, 1945, the day that the Armistice was declared and World War II was over.

The radio provided a lot of entertainment for me.

There were soap operas in the afternoon and Lux Theatre at night – Lux, the soap that is 99 and 99/100th, pure as I can still hear the radio announcer intoning.

I was six when I scratched my name into the fine molding around the base of the radio.

I don’t remember doing that carving, but later when my dad would talk about giving things away, he would always say that I got the radio, for I had my name on it already.

.. good colour and the cracks in the bricks have been filled in ...
I was reminded of this on Sunday when I saw a lovely orange square added to Mary and Leo’s heath.  The artwork had been done with an orange felt pen.

 I went to Naomi and Xavier and said, “You know, I think Rhiannon has done some art work that might never come off and I think she is going to get in trouble.”

“No, that was me,” said Naomi, since she is truly candid and sincere, “and why am I going to get in trouble,” and of course the tears began to fall down her face.

No idea passed her mind that her parents might not want that there.

... the end of the hearth with a dull orange that compliments the brighter colour ...
At least she picked a colour that blends in with the bricks on the end of the ledge.

That is one bonus.

I wonder if Naomi gets the whole house, or just the fireplace when Leo and Mary get old.  Either would be another bonus.



  1. I did my initials on the piano! :-) and I have it! (well... i am sure i actually did them on the upright, and not on the grand). But then do Meighan and David get to share Arta's Shuswap house?

  2. And Gabe wrote his broken name at the bottom and top of the stairs at Shuswap. So that means his parents have to pay the assessments.