Thursday, April 12, 2012

Modern Art

I just want a picture of my artwork ... not of my face!
This morning is the first day that everyone has gone out the door to their respective locations.

Leo had walked Xavier and Naomi to school.

Rhiannon was waiting for her turn to be taken to daycare.

Mary was taking her lunch out of the fridge. 

I asked her if she was going to give her salad to a homeless man, as she did last week when she went down the street a few blocks to buy a salad for lunch.

"OK.  I will peak out just a little."
"It is not that I didn't want it," she said.  "He just asked me for food and he looked like he needed it more than I did."

Rhiannon was wanting me to see her art work. And she wanted me to take a picture of it -- just the artwork, not her face.

This masterpiece was created with crayons, a white board and a hair dryer. She and I were trying to figure out where we could hang it in her room.

"Can you stand on one foot like this?"
At that point she wanted to show me her balancing act.

Balancing is tricky at this house.

Naomi is trying to do it on one leg, while swinging the other florescent green casted leg.

I try to keep my balance by leaping over the dog's leash as she circles my feet.

"I only have one foot!"
We are wondering if anyone else is practising balancing?

Or skipping?

Or practising hop scoth ... for we are sure that spring is on its way.


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  1. I think i am doing a LOT of balancing these days. I preferred the days of skipping, but that was way back in high school :-)