Friday, May 29, 2015

Grizzly on Highway

Grizzly Bear 

Even when I was a little girl, travelling out to the lake in the old red and white Travelal, I used to keep my eyes peeled to the side of the road for almost the whole trip.  You know that in the forests closer to Alberta, that you can see quite a distance through those trees because the diameter of those tree trunks  are a little smaller and the trees are not as close together either.

The further west you go you cannot see very far into the forest.  Not only that, the travelal was going so fast that you had to really concentrate to keep your eye on that area because it disappeared before one could get a really close look at what they were looking for.

What was I looking for?
A Bear!  Finally spotted on May 3, 2015
At the age of 63 years, I finally saw one.
This bear was trapped between the two fences that they have running along side the highway on both sides, so that the wildlife cannot get onto the road.
I was a little annoyed that he didn't stop to pose for me.
Someone once asked me why there was a fence on either side of the roadway and I told them it was to protect the wildlife.
They said, "Notice who is caged in."  :-)

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  1. Wow!!!!! Awesome. That is so, so cool. Our coolest roadside wildlife viewing was a seriously skinny wolf trying to eat a massive, roadkill moose. We saw the wolf go up a dirt road off the highway, so we turned around and followed the road. There we found him stalking around a moose that had been dragged from the highway and left there. We turned off our car and sat and watched. Eventually the wolf came out of the woods and started trying to get through the moose hide. He always kept an eye on us. We eventually left him to his work and returned to the highway.