Monday, May 11, 2015

Man and Superman

Ralph Fiennes plays Jack Tanner
in this exhilarating reinvention of
Shaw’s witty, provocative classic.
I am excited about George Bernard Shaw's Man and Superman this week.

I checked out the link and was mesmirized watching the actors talk about why the dream sequence was kept into the play, when it could have been eliminated.

I only read the play early in the 1960's.  Some couples got together.  All of our husbands were in English, and for an evening's entertainment, we had copies of the play and read it.

I am pretty sure Thursday's broadcast will beat our readings.  Heck.  We didn't even have costuming.


PS  I did some homework on the reviews.  Try these three below.  Just when I think I am too tired to go, I read the reviews again and know I can't miss this.

New York Times

Billington in The Guardian

Clapp in The Guardian


  1. Why aren't there more hours in the week? I wish I could be there with you (virtually of course, watching here from Ottawa). But life is too full already this week.

  2. I know what you mean by life being too full. Somedays I think I have lived two days in one, which is really good value when I come to think of it.

    I went out to see how long the show is since I have to look the Handibus for Kelvion. The show starts at 7 pm and ends at 11 pm -- four hours in total. There must be an intermission. My guess is this is why the play is sometimes done without the dream sequence.

    Fine. We get the dream sequence this time and I am looking forward to it. We get to meet the devil in it. Do you remember when we were at the lake talking about the devil one day, and Alex asked, "Who is the devil." Dalton finally explained to Alex that the devil was that guy who was dressed in red with horns, on one of the episodes of The Simpsons. And then Nathan had to explain yes, but in Mormonism, the devil doesn't have horns. He is just ordinary and usually not in the red suit.

    So good when kids can explain to each oher who the devil really is. As I said, I can hardly wait to hear how Shaw takes this concept in hand.

    Sorry we will miss you. Maybe next time. I understand. What is there to do when there is not enough time and so many interesting things to do.

  3. went with alex, duncan and katie. laughed out loud. loved the hell scene. mendoza was awesome, especially his "louisa" poem. :-)