Friday, May 29, 2015

The Glow of the Moon

Bonnie Wyora and Moiya were trying to figure out facts around the annual home owners grant and they called me. Though I had no information that was not available to them, we still chatted, and talked about our recent purchases.  Moiya has recently installed a bidet in her bathroom.  She has already taken her computer there to show someone over FaceTime, its wonders.  It is not so wondrful if you start it while holding your computer over it to give your audience the best view.  Moiya said it took 3 days to dry her computer out.  It works still, but there is no picture taking in the bathroom anymore.  After spending an hour on the phone together we decided to try Face Time and once we got on it, well, there is a certain joy in being able to talk on the phone, as it were, and see the other person on a screen.

I can remember the time when doing this would have only been an idea for a science fiction movie.  So it still seems like one of the miracles of the 21st century.  We talked past midnight.
... the moon behind the trees on the dark walk home ...
Where are the flashlights when you need them?

This was the view on the walk home for Bonnie. An amazing glow surrounding the moon.

Some of life's miracles are new.

And some are the same.


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