Friday, May 29, 2015

Morning Sounds

...louder than the back hoe, louder than 60 elementary childen ...
From Bonnie Wyora

Heading in to work there were a lot of competing noises.

There was a backhoe working on a trail and 60 elementary school children being lead down the sidewalk by three teachers. All of the children were trying to get cars to wave at them by whooping and hollering.

The shrill sound of a bird on top of a light pole caught my attention.

"Reeght, reetght, reeght."  It was pecking at the pole like woodpecker might but woodpeckers are supposed to have a red stripe on them.

I can’t identify this bird. I say if it pecks like woodpecker, is it a woodpecker. But all I got to help identify it was its silhouette.


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