Monday, May 11, 2015

Quarter Quell Day 4

Day 4 - Lost tooth from Catherine

... this is so funny ...
I remember as a child my mother making a point of taking a photograph of her children when they had lost their front teeth.

As I mother, I now get why that was so important. It is a rite of passage of sorts and a reminder that childhood is passing, but it is also just so darn cute.
Hebe's front tooth has been loose for days.

I had tried to get her to let me pull it out several times.

She always clamps together her lips and insists, "I want to let it fall out by itself", or "I'm scared". 

Even the promise of money wasn't enough to get her to agree.

Yesterday during stake conference, Hebe was having a hard time. I had to take her out at one point. We ended up in the bathroom where she final agreed to let me take out her tooth, but at the last moment she had a change of heart.

I thought I would use this to my advantage, so I told her, "Either I take out your tooth, or we go back into stake conference and behave."

She decided it was best to return to stake conference, and I now had a way to hopefully keep her in the meeting. 

We returned back to the meeting and Hebe started to eat some breadsticks and cheese.

 Much to my surprise, after about 2 mintues Hebe tapped my arm and opened her fist to reveal her tooth.

 I looked up to see blood all over her lips and tongue. I don't think she knew what to do.

I gave her a huge hug and some kleenex to bite on while I cleaned her up.

 She got what she wanted, which was to let the tooth fall out by itself.

 She also got me back for using her tooth as the carrot to keep in the the meeting.


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