Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nostalgia ... a little more

From Bonnie Wyora:

What a great image I have in my mind now of you two shining the outside of your train window.

My mouth is watering, savoring those last pastries, cheese and yogurt from John Lewis.

I have never shopped at John Lewis before, but if Wyona and Greg buy there - that is enough for my mouth to start watering.

As dusk was falling I started running around Lot #3 taking pictures to send to Arta.

It is so beautiful out here right now. It doesn't seem right for it to be all just for me, and for David when he knows cousins are on the property. So, I enjoyed it for all of you.

... dusk falling on Lot 3 ...
I took in the fragrance of the lilac tree for at least 10 people.

I studied the volunteer chives that have sprung up by the stream for at least 5 people.

I took pictures of the wedding reach, quiet now, but in my mind still filled with the crowd from Miranda and Richard's wedding.

I got very close to the baby blue eyes flowers in the Meadow reach. I think Glen told me they are Laynie's favorites so I enjoyed them for her.

I studied the rock wall and called to Ron, "Come back and see how well it's holding."

I photographed the rocks that Ina painted down by the missionary reach of Campbell Creek.

I lingered where Trell and friends go to smoke, to protect the lungs of us nonsmokers. The birch logs still lay across the creek where he last placed them.

I photographed the sky for Rebecca, pink clouds with a sliver of a moon seeming to hang suspended between the upper boughs of two Douglas Fir Trees.

I collected over a dozen nerf bullets from the Victoria Day weekend battle between David and his Robertson second cousins.

I parted the strawberry plant leaves and craddled the ripe strawberries weighing pros and cons. I was of two minds - bite down and taste that fresh BC taste born of Arta's labours at the compost and in the garden or leave them and see if I can lure David to come look for strawberries with me on the weekend.

Can't wait for the most important part of summer.

The arrival of the rest of you.

Bonnie Wyora

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