Sunday, May 3, 2015

En Route - Tampa, Florida

Hello from Wyona and Greg

... a techno elecric bus in Tampa, Florida ...
Just beginning a quick trail of news for us and our 28 days away. I am too old for this.

We began our trip at 3:30 a.m., May 2. We drove to Marcia's house and she took us to the airport. We thought the airport would be empty. Not so! The line to drop off the luggage was huge and even bigger. I sent Greg to the end of the line while I investigated. In hearing our flight being called I rushed to the end of the line bringing Greg back to the priority check-in since our flight had already been called; 2 hours before a flight is not enough. Next time we will make it 3 hours.

Managed the other lines to get through customs and got to the gate in just enough time to board the airplane. Never even had time to buy a diet coke.

The Cheesecake Factory, Tampa, Florida
This is our first time in Tampa Florida. We walked across the way to get to a shopping centre. The street light gives one 50 seconds to cross eight lanes of traffic and I need all 50 seconds. Then the shopping centre was huge. We were on a mission to eat at The Cheesecake Factory, our favourite place to eat when we go to Austin. The meal was exquisite. Greg had a grande burrito and I had a Luau salad, just amazing, not to mention the carrot cake cheesecake and the rasberry/lemon white chocolate cheesecake. Our next trip to Austin will include the same menu!

By time we arrived back at La Quinta it was 10:00 pm I was exhausted and just flopped on the bed, shoved my sleep apnea mask on for a few seconds and woke up 3 hours later feeling rotten and cold and my back aching.

Just wondering why I travel and do this stuff. Maybe never again. Felt the same way at 9:30 a.m after a restless long sleep of forcing myself back to sleep.

However, now I am ready to go downtown Tampa on a city bus in order to ride the trams for the day in the downtown area.

Bye for now and love to all,


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