Sunday, May 24, 2015


From Wyona:

... crowds at Portobello ...
Our trip has become nostalgic. There is a time when a couple can see that this might be the last time they go somewhere. That time has come for us -- not for health reasons -- just because it is time to do other kinds of planning.

Today when we went to Portobello we seemed to be doing everything for the last time. Last time to not get day seats for Memphis. Last time to take Bus 23 to Portobello Road. Last time to eat a schnitzel in the rain, finding an overhead to duck under waiting for the rain to stop. We ate the same schnitzel at Portobello a few years back but in the hail with Trent, Jamie, Vicky and Stuart. The next five days will be nostalgic because it might be for the last time. So after we finished our schnitzel we bought a sausage to share, since it is our last time. Zoe once wanted ‘all the chances’ not just another chance. Now I want ‘all the last times’.

Moiya telephoned me yesterday and told me that Glen made her go over to his house to see something. Then he pulled up a picture of me taken this trip in Tampa, Florida and another picture taken on this trip. Then he showed Moiya a picture Greg took of me at the lake in April, chasing ducks on the front lawn trying to get as close as I could to take pictures of them. Apparently I was delightfully smiling while chasing ducks and Moiya said I looked miserable in Tampa, just miserable. So Glen’s deduction is that noone can tell him cruising is fun.

I am think this may be our last trip or fling abroad.

Greg has said a number of times today that cruising was fun while we did it. We have seen more of the world and travelled more than I could ever have imagined.

It has been a wonderful ride. My heart however, lies with 27 of us scattered around Canada and U.S. so that is where we will focus our next years of living. Our excursions will be from Calgary and Shuswap to places nearby where our loved ones are living.

Since we had rain at Portobello today I was afraid of getting wet and sick so we came back to the hotel, stopping by John Lewis to pick up a few pastries, cheese and yogurt for the last time. By the time we returned to the hotel my feet were swollen so I laid down and slept while Greg went out on London town. I have been looking for Downtown Abbey on TV but I cannot find it.

... named from the hospital and priory,
St. Mary's Spittel that was founded in 1197...
Tomorrow is Petticoat Lane and Spitalfields for the last time. Greg just returned back to the hotel at 10:35 p.m. He was just walking London, to Trafalgar and back from Euston Station.




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