Sunday, May 17, 2015

Quarter Quelle - Day 9

... a bright blue treasure ...
From Catherine:

Today the first thing Hebe wanted to do was play with play dough.

My job was to soften up the many tubs of play dough that we have accumulated over the last 6 months.

Can you see the before and after photos below.

Hebe's job was to make cupcakes.

Can you see the one topped with blueberries?

... so many good colours ...
How about the one topped with a balloon and the play dough logo.

Happy Saturday.

A Note from Arta

Just to join in with the play dough theme, I was over at Michael's and Alice's and the same thing was going on.

Some of the play dough was soft, but I took on the task of reconstituting the small packages that were now hard.

No easy task.

The water would slip around the outside, but the piece I was doing didn't take to having water added and I was flattening it out and then folding it, and then stretching it, and all of this slipping was going on in around my palms and even through my fingers.

The first picture in this post reminded me of that, since there are those tiny grains of blue playdough that stay on your hands long after the ball is soft and pliable again.

I guess takes two small people to roll balls, make snakes and cupcakes.

It takes an older person her full  time to get it pliable.

By the time I had worked over the tiny jars, Michael and Alice had finished up and were ready to go onto another activity.

.. spot the logo carefully placed
It is hard to see them dashing away to another place of interest.  Inside I am saying, "No -- you have to play now that the material is perfect for you."

But they are long gone before I can get those words out of my mouth.


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