Monday, May 11, 2015

Duelling Needs

"Mom, let's have a Nerf Gun Duel."
"Walk three paces and turn around."
Sometimes David and I have the same needs.

For example, chill out after a long day at work/school. It's not uncommon for us to settle on pizza night and plug into our separate electronics, but in the same room.

Other times we can't find common ground and must duel it out.  This always starts with making a group plan.

Out comes the white board and the markers. Two columns get generated: "have to" and "want to". Here are some of the things on our list on Mother's Day.


Hang out the wet laundry to dry.
Pack school backpack for Monday.
Do the dishes.
Water the garden.
If you look closely, you can see who got off the first bullet. 


Eat hotdogs for dinner.
Nerf Gun War.
Play Settlers of Catan.
A bike ride.

We don't usually get all the items done, so we also take turns prioritizing the list. A bike ride and play Settlers of Catan will have to be saved for our next list.

Mother's Day this year was a blast!

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