Friday, May 29, 2015

Graduation - David's orange belt

From Bonnie Wyora:

... David at his Orange Belt Graduation ...
David stayed for the adult class.

He was allowed to hold the target for others.

He was instructed to give students push-ups if they forgot to "keep up" or they didn't have enough control to stop their leg in front of the target.

... 'we are allowed to be crazy' photo ...
See the tallest men in the photo.

David kept giving them push-ups to do.

He did so with respect for them and for the rules set out by instructor Kari.



  1. Congratulations David! I love the colour orange.
    Please come and show me some of your moves.

  2. Congratulations David!!! Veer will be so excited to hear! Which Martial Art is this? You and Veer will have to practice when you see each other. He is in Aikido. :)