Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On buying raingear

From Bonnie Wyora:
... one cloud hovers lower than the rest over Annis Bay on the Shuswap ...

If I had snapped this shot 30 minutes earlier, you would have seen the lake like glass.

A gentle breeze has picked up, so the lake is now shimmering.

This image confuses my eye because I took it in selfie mode (so it is a mirror image of what I see when I look out my window.

It’s Wednesday, May 6th today. David is off to Gardom Lake for a school field trip. His group will do 4 of 6 activities. He is not sure which he will get in the “draw”. Options include climbing wall, zip line, british bulldog or soccer played inside huge inflatable balls you stand inside and run around the field in, kayaking, and archery.

 David and I picked up rain gear last night after riding our bikes out in Sorrento. We picked up rain boots (size 9!?) and a rain poncho.

We also picked up a blue umbrella that will cover two people, is the length of a sword, and pops out when you touch a button. I think that was the favorite item in David’s eyes. $15 well spent in terms of anticipation of fun.

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