Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blog visits

Hello from the Shuswap, Grandmother.
Email is part of what makes days wonderful for me. Broader than email, I suppose.

I love the forms of electronics that bring conversation and connection.

Skype. Face Time. Blog Posts.

I could never travel around to see everyone.

But they come to see me through my computer.

How cute it is for me to see your children's faces.

In my case, I even get bullet visits from next door.

Alice and her dad dropped in last night to play a little Dora and friends with me.

Out came the Dora house and car, but most importantly we filled the little fridge with candy and crackers, ate them, and then pretended we had more.

 I feel as though I have the best of all worlds.

Part of The Best Hundred Days of My Life -Part II, Day19

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  1. This photo of David captures one of those calm moments, those rare moments, when I am not rushing and neither is he. This is the day David got brackets on his upper teeth. An experience long anticipated. His connection to braces was born in his connection to his older cousins Alex and Duncan. He is now more like them. A rite of passage complete. He can't wait to show grandma.