Friday, May 22, 2015

London in May

Just a quick report.

Have been in London since Monday.

Went to Beautiful on Monday night...the story of Carol King.

Great music. Never knew she wrote so many songs including Care-a lot.

 Tuesday we were going to go to Pirates of Penzance but there were no senior tickets.


... the musical ...
Wednesday we went to High Society at the Old Vic.

Some of the dance numbers were amazing, pianos coming up from the floor and tap dancing on them.

Today we went to the Globe twice. Saw Merchant of Venice in the afternoon and As You Like It in the evening.

Had lunch at Portabello...schnitzel.

 I booked twin beds so there would be room for our shoulders.
Carmen ... modern day staging
We do not have a kitchen or fridge.

We buy yogurt and fruit and then have chips, fish or meat pies once a day.

We also have Leonidas that I bought from Brussels when we were cruising. However today when I was at the market I saw the nicest radishes so I bought a bunch and I am eating those now and the Leonidas are sitting in the box. I must be sick.

 We are off to Portabello tomorrow to walk the walk and eat. Checking out tickets for Carmen and Pirates of Penzance first thing.



  1. I will buy some radishes today and eat them in honour of radishes over Leonidas day.

  2. Strange Pairings -- radishes and chocolates.I do choose yogurt over ice-cream these days. And lately I am wanting whole wheat pasta over the regular noodle. I want to read geeky computer manuals over a good book of fiction. Maybe radishes over chocolates isn't that strange.