Friday, May 8, 2015

A Gift That Will Keep on Giving ...

Bonnie sent me a list of things she wanted to get me for my birthday.

A special gift for my 75th Birthday.

She enlisted Marla and they brainstormed. Ideas included ...
- a scarf
- gardening tools
- fresh cut flowers
- handcrafted jewellery
- Downtown Abbey on DVD
- a new cookbook to go with the new food plan
- respite so I can slip out to the lake for a month
- the gift of time - Executive Assistant to Arta for a week
- tickets to some cultural event (La Donna del Lago is on this weekend)
- the latest Valliant book on the Harvard aging study (Triumphs of Experience)

Triumphs of Experience:
the Men of the Harvard Grant Study
I loved the list. This was so much better than having to wonder what I wanted for my birthday.

I decided on the new George Valliant.  I ordered it from

Please, no more lists from anyone until my next birthday.  The ideas were excellent, but I must save up something for next year.

Typical that the only thing I wanted from the list is the book that will give me information about experience with aging.

Waiting in anticipation, I am seventy-five.


P.S.  Here is a good website to poke around in if you want to read a bit about the book.


  1. I love it that some of the men are now into their 90s. Do plan for at least 15 more years, Arta.

  2. Yes, Arta, Moiya and I will go on a cruise together when Arta hits 100, than another when I hit it, and another when Moiya hits it. It may be a cruise on Shuswap but it will be a big one!