Friday, May 1, 2015

The Warm Smell of Crepes

One Hundred Best Days of My Life - Part II, Day 6

Canadian Living's image of a perfect crepe
Friday night I begin to think about the warm smell of crepes, which makes every Friday night a good night.

I get invited over to the kitchen next door Saturday and Sunday.  The best part is that at 8:40 am my phone rings and a little voice whispers the same message.

"Grandma, do you want to come over and eat?"

I have to be really, really busy to say no.

Check out this Canadian Living video if you want crepes at your house.

No voice over.  Just text and good pictures.  Oh, you may have to endure a few commercials first but the pictures take away the mystery of making crepes. I was reminded of a few important ideas about crepes by watching it, even though I have already made 100's.

Now I am saying this just to nine year old David Camps-Johnson.  You could make this batter at night with your mom, refrigerate it, and then it would be easy to make crepes for you and your mom in the morning.

They are a tasty breakfast.  I am coming to your house for breakfast May 17th to May 22nd.

Don't make the batter too far ahead.


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  1. Richard writes the following to me:

    Huh. They use more eggs proportionally then I do.

    I do/they do:

    2 eggs / 4 eggs
    2 flour / 1.3 flour
    2 milk / 1.5 milk
    butter (same)
    I have 2 table spoons sugar.

    Their crepe comes out much whiter then mine usually does.

    Might try this recipe for fun tomorrow morning.