Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Face Time

Naomi and Rhiannon did some Face Time with me on Sunday.  How is that for a good present -- on any day, not just on Sunday.  Face Time can do what a telephone never can.  That is, you can show someone stuff -- what you have been buying, the book you are reading, a new craft, a new instrument to play.  There were promises of all of that until their parents shut us down to take them on a family outing.

... large jawbreaker is 3 inches in diametere ...
What I got to see was Rhiannon's jawbreaker -- a giant one purchased through the largesse of Aunt Rebecca at the Candy Bulk Barn.  This was not a jawbreaker that you could wrap your fist around. Too big for that.  Rhiannon had broken it apart to get at the centre.  In the olden days, wasn't the centre just a seed of some kind?  Hardly worth the trouble it took to suck off every layer of the jawbreaker.  The seed in the middle wasn't much.  But the multiple layers of differently flavoured sugar?  Oh, yah!

On Face Time Naomi showed me a patterned quilt block she had been working on.  I wanted to know about who had been giving her sewing lessons, or about where the machine was set up, knowing they don't have a dedicated sewing room.  Mary told me that Naomi is most happy when she is listening to an audio book and doing something with her hands at the same time – rainbow loom elastics, Japanese kumihimo, rug hooking, finger knitting, sewing. Naomi also blew away her mother with that little quilt she made too. Naomi didn't get bored and give up.  She probably spent 2.5 hours straight working on it. Even Mary has never done quilt blocking like that before, she said.

All of this made me think back to when I was young.  I was a sewer as well -- I took classes in junior high and then in high school, which wouldn't be the option I would think, now, that someone in the academic stream would take.

My final project was a prom dress made out of a floral pink chiffon with self-covered  buttons and scallops going down the front of the dress -- about eight scallops, so difficult to turn, but I was like Naomi.  There was no way that my dress was not going to be perfect. The only problem I had was that the teacher kept calling it a garment which given my culural background for that word, felt a little weird to me.  But I was just as happy with that sewing kit as I was going off to the dry ice factory to do a report in my physics class.  It was all good to me.

When I was doing my final fitting with the sewing teacher, she said, "You are going to look beautiful in this."

"What!  She thinks I am going to the final school dance with a boy?"

Now I did have a problem.  I couldn't figure out where I was going to wear that dress, but I knew I wasn't dressing up in it and going to a final school prom.


Face Time and seeing a quilt block done by Namoi?

Now that brought back a lot of memories.


Part of The Best Hundred Days of My Life -- Day18

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  1. To clarify, Rhiannon did not break open the jaw breaker. She licked the one side over and over and over until she wore her way to the middle. A gum ball. But she couldn't get the gum ball out because she had only licked down one side. So she got herself a knife and started digging it out. So funny. I guess she really wanted that gum.

    Thanks to Aunt Rebecca!!!