Sunday, May 10, 2015

Quarter Quell - Day 1

A blog is a lovely entity.  I think of it as a corporation -- something with a life of its own.  Oh yes, the strings are pulled by the owners/bloggers/readers. And that is why I sometimes find myself in uncharted territory. I had no idea when Doral Johnson initiated this blog that a person (or persons) had to take ownership of it.  "It is for everyone," he told me. "Don't be shy.  Blog away.  I will read read  and even blog when I can."

I have been blogging for five years now.  Better to say, we have been blogging, for there have been posts from grandparents, aunts, siblings, grandchildren.  .

Still, I am still not sure what I am doing.  What kind of blogger am I?  I see the term mommy blogger.  I wonder if there are grandma bloggers.  Or grandchildren bloggers?

Older (or even young)writers might give me some idea of basic shape and form for blogging.  I need to put myself in a space that has rules.  Or if not rules, basic outlines or even "how to manage reader expections".

And now, for the next 3 months, I am moving into a new blogging space.  I told Catherine that I was dreading this birthday.  She laughed and said, yes, you are at Quarter Quell -- the 75th.  She had a wicked laugh when she told me this.  I know enough about the Hunger Games to know that this might not be good.

I continued with my conversation to her saying that what I want for my birthday are pictures -- 75 of them when they take their family to Europe for Eric's sabbatical this summer.  Now her kiids aren't really that big on having their pictures up on the blog 75 days in a row.  But Catherine did say she could deliver pics -- 75 days of them and she would start now.

Seventy-five days of pictures.

Now there is gift that only this century could deliver.

She said I could blog them.

So here is my first set from her.

Anyone else want to join in?

Feel free.

From Catherine: Celebrating 75 years with 75 pictures - [or] Quarter Quell Day 1

Dear mom,

Happy Quarter Quell or happy 75th!

My present to you is one parachute photo everyday. 

Here goes.

Day 1

To celebrate your birthday I had lunch with my friends in my new kitchen. The kitchen isn't finished yet but it will give you a bit of an idea.  

I gave my friends a new scarf from you and we took a selfie wearing our new scarves together. 

We enjoyed lunch using my fanciest dishes and finished off with the bilboquet bomb which I bought in your honour.

... Happy Birthday, Arta ...
Do you like our choice of scarves?
Rachel Lemblé (darker hair and waring a red scarf) - Information Scientist (Librarian)
Jean Hilton (the taller and in the pink scarf) - Starting an organic farm
Catherine Johnson (dark scarf-) - Blogger Extraordinare

...  Catherine with the begining of the idea of quarter quell posts ...

... virtual piece of cake for Arta ...

... please set a place for me, next time ... 

Still some scarves left.  Note to self: must have another scarf party!

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