Monday, May 18, 2015

The Second Cousins

Test:Name those 2nd cousins:

So far we have identified Rex, Hyrum and David.
After a good game of nerf ball, there should be a good picture.

And after the picture, there should be popsycles.

Gaming, physical gaming, is exhausting.

Watching 6 boys play nerf ball from afar can even be tiring.  And what boy just happens to have enough nerf guns in his collection that he can invite over five other kids for a rousing game.   I guess the answer is, that kid is David.

My question is, what other tools are in David's backpack of interesting ways to entertain his friends? What will come out next?  Hammocks?  Tents?  A bucket of water and everyone with a cup of water to throw?


Day 24 of The Best Hundred Days - Part II

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