Monday, May 11, 2015

What is your favourite soup?

... a taste treat ...
Many years ago I decided to make home made soups -- lots of them. I would containerize them, take them to work, or use them for quick meals out of the freeer. I packed them with nutrition.  I eliminated the cream based soups in an effort to take good care of my health.   I searched through ethic recipe books, trying to find soups with a lot of flavour.

But in the end, there is no pot of soup I can make, that can match this instant package.

David loves it.

And so does his grandfather.

Ah, nothing like a steaming hot bowl of Mr. Noodles!

Beats home cooking anyday!



  1. Naomi loves Mr. Noodles too. Does David eat it with broth? Naomi likes to cook the noodles, pour off the water and just mix the spice right onto the noodles. We recently bought a thermos so she can make them hot in the morning and take them for lunch. She says the thermos works great at keeping them hot.

  2. Just love all the Mother's day posts from your family Arta, along with the noodle...home made soup! You have a lovely family, especially when they blog for you.