Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Random Moments

... stop for a moment and enjoy the wall ...
From Catherine:

My days rarely unfold as I plan.

However they are often filled with interesting and joyful moments.

Here are a few:

1. Driving past my favourite graffiti wall in the neighbourhood.

Was in that area yesterday taking Rebecca to the optometrist.

... Catherine's rhododendrons, just before their full bloom ...
Rebecca called me mid morning to say she was having pain in one eye.

Spent the afternoon trying to find someone to see her.

Eventually found an optometrist who was able to remove a small foreign body - success!

2. My rhododendron bush is one or two days from being in full bloom.

Can hardly wait!

2. Spontaneous Game of Limbo

... getting lower ...
Catie and Hebe started in the new kitchen.

Hope you are having a few joyful random moments too.
... and lower ...

... and yes!  ...
 ...I made it ...

 Honouring Arta's 75th: Quarter Quelle, Day 13


  1. I agree that the unexpected moments of the day are sometimes the ones I savour the most. Alice was trying to use a large watering can. Michael would fill it for her. She may have had her destination for the water by the raised garden bed, but she never made it more than a few feet away from the hose until the water she was carrhying had tipped spilled out.

    I thought Alice was being a success, but after 4 or 5 turns at watering, she was so angry at the watering can that she was crying and turning to her dad for support. He had just come home from work and was laying out flat on the lawn, remarking on how beatiful the blue in the sky looked.

    "Whatever is wrong with her," I asked. "She was having such fun with that watering can."

    He had been watching her, but hadn't gone to help her.

    "Well, she has grabbed it this time by the top where the water enters and not by the handle, so she is unable to tip it. Amd even unable to lift it. She doesn't know that. She is angry that the rules of the game seemed to have changed without anyone telling her. I don't think she is in a position to figure that out," he said, rolling over to go help her.

    Of course, I was enjoying watching her: dirt from the new sand bucket was streaking her face; where the tears were falling, little clear lines were now running through that dirt; the bandage on her stubbed toe was askew and probably more dirt was clinging to it than would have been trapped just to her toe. Those pampers that keep little people dry are not a thing of beauty when they are wet and ready to be changed and hanging almost down to her knees; her mother wants to keep shoes on her, but that would require running around after her and putting them back on all afternoon.

    Green grass between her toes? How could shoes feel better than that.

    Can a random moment lbe captured, except in one's heart?

    Or as in this post, it is caught with a photo when Hebe is doing the limbo.

    1. I am working hard at letting children who learn by trial and error do just that. It doesn't look like work on the parents part ... but it is a monumental feat in self restraint.

    2. Speaking of watching trial and error go on, I was watching Alice with the garden hose. She had a soup ladle and was letting the hose run into the ladle so that she could collect water in it to add to her large watering can. The water would hit the ladle and then the force of it would make a convex circle of water the rim of which was high above the rim of the spoon. The sun was shining through the water, sparkling. Nothing much was left in the ladle when she would pull the hose away, but what was there, she would carefully add to the watering can and then try again.

      When she finished with that she sat examining the hose. A couple of times she flipped it over her head, got water in her eyes, sobbed over that a bit but then found she could put it on her cheek and it would run down to her jaw, down her neck, her shoulders, her hips and finally hit the ground. She moved it carefully along her cheek a number of times as though she had found a way to brush her cheek with a feather.She was rather enjoying it.

      Then she tried putting it in her ear.

      Nope. Not good. She jerked the hose away. But she tried it again anyway.

      Nope. Just as bad the second tiime as the first.

      As you point out, sitting and watching is a lesson on its own.