Sunday, May 17, 2015

Preparations for the Nerd Gun War

Bonnie Wyora here:

... give everyone a chance
to read the rules ....
There has been a cousin sighting at the lake.

David has started planning for a party.

He is going to put out a sign like the LaRue 50th Anniversary Party sign from last year with an open invitation.

He has written out some rules.

He has done some push-ups and challenging sit-ups ... and he can't wait to begin.

... warming up for the games ...
Free for all

1. The person who has been hit the least amount of times wins.

2. If you hit someone in the head it counts as you getting hit twice and 5 push-ups.

... I can do some of these quickly as well ...

Half of the players are on one team.

Everyone else on the other team.

Same rules as free for all but with team.

He adds: Don't shoot your allies.

1 comment:

  1. so which cousin was sighted out there? and what game? water guns, or paintball?