Sunday, May 6, 2012

Apple Cutters

Mary has declared she is going to buy an apple cutter for Xavier. He likes an apple for an afternoon snack. I admit it. I was suspicious of Anita Johnson’s apple cutter a few years ago when she put it on the counter at the lake. That contraption looked like more trouble than it was worth Now I have 3 of them. Well, really only two of them. One at the lake, one in Calgary and one is broken although I just can’t bring myself to throw it out.

To give praise, the apples taste better to kids when the slices are uniformly perfect.

 I can only say one bad thing about my apple cutter. Using the cutter has lowered me to the task of selecting only perfect apples at the grocery store. I buy them so that they will sit on the kitchen counter securely – no tilting to the left or the right. A less than perfect apple, and I press on the disk which then slices diagonally instead of vertically through the core, rendering a few apple seeds embedded in each of the eight apple pieces. Now that really doesn’t work.

Still, yes. I have a testimony of apple cutters.

I also believe in teaching children to cut their own apples for snacks.

 I recommend starting them with a very dull paring knife.


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  1. David likes his Apple's sliced thin, like you might for a pie filling. I like my apples best when they come off a tree at the lake.