Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finchely High Street Friday Market

Glen and Janet provided some lovely meals while they stayed here.  Glen bought his fish at the Finchly High Street Market. He made BBQ-ING look so easy the Rebecca decided to try it.  She brought home some beautiful salmon and some briquets from the local convenience store.

She read the instructions on the package.

1. Put the briquets in the middle of the BBQ.
2. Start the bag on fire.

She did both tasks. Duncan was thrilled and and ran into the kitchen, asking me to come outside and take a look.

I did.

What I couldn't figure out is where we were going to put the salmon. Usually I would think that the hot coals should be below the grate, and not sitting on it.

BBQ-ing is not that easy, contrary to how Glen makes it look.



  1. it was a bit of a shock...standing there admiring the flames licking up the bag of coals, when arta asked me "so, where are you going to put the fish?"