Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Concert Time

 ...Zach in profile...
From Marcia

The boys were in a Mount Royal University Choir Concert today.

Lurene, Charise and Zoe came.

The concert was very good.  Zachary has such a small mouth, it hardly looks like he is singing when he is on stage.

Gabe has a very large mouth and looks just right.

Gabe is the 2nd one
from the end on the left on the back row.
Zack is on the end of the front row
on the left.
Audra danced to a couple of jazzier numbers that the Youth Choir sang.

The Mount Royal Youth Choir and Children's Choir sang in this same concert with the Calgary Boys Choir.

Their last concert is Saturday May 12 at 7pm at First Baptist Church 1311 - 4 Street SW

Adults $20, Seniors $15, 12 and under are free.

Audra's favorite dress
...and dancing shoes...
It is entitled "Wit and Wisdom".

The boys were supposed to submit witty and wise stories or sayings to say in between songs.

Just before the deadline for these, I copied a few Shel Silverstein poems and submitted them along with a couple sayings from the internet.

Well of course most boys didn't submit any, so now our boys are saying theirs.

One of them is:

If you're a bird Be an early bird And catch the worm On your breakfast plate If you're a bird Be an early bird But if you're the worm sleep late.

Another one (from the internet) is:

I was lying in bed the other night and looking up at the moon and stars and thinking to myself... where the heck is the ceiling?

Should be quite entertaining.



  1. Hilarious quotes. I loved seeing the photos.

  2. how do you manage to get your kids to do all that stuff?!

  3. I have become my mother... I have a very stern "teacher" voice, and I started them very young so they think it is normal to be in this stuff. I didn't realize until I was a teenager that other kids aren't in so many extracurricular activities. Thanks for posting this Arta! I never seem to get it up there, but it is entertaining.

  4. Hello,
    You are welcome for putting it up there. That doesn't take much time. I am so pleased to put blogs up. I will do it for anyone who will just gives me a little text -- and a picture or two is nice, as well, but not essential. I am waiting for permission to put up one of Teaque's and Cheri's emails. And Moiya told me a very nice story about Des's boy, which I would love to do as well. I just need an email telling me to go for it.

    I am off now to take Kiwi for a hair cut. I wish it weren't raining, but hey! I am in England and I should have guess that there will be a little rain here. My two hour walk this morning was along a beautiful stream in Whetstone Park. I spent most of the time wishing I had brought my camera along. One yard was full of Baby-Blue-Eyes, and the drops of dew were hanging on the flowers. Picture perfect everywhere.

    I did bring my umbrella. It didn't rain.