Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walk to Golders Green, III

Along the walk there is not a place where I do not want to stop.

Right now the sudden surprise of a burst of colour stops me.

Or the scent of the lilacs, a variety I don't know -- one that Rebecca calls the Victoria lilac, since Victoria is the first place where she saw them.
The yards I see are small.

The apartments are small, as well.

The one that we live in is split in two on the other side of us, and multiple families live there.

Some of the yards are well tended.

Other have a casual character.
I am not a skilled gardener yet, but I know that the casual-looking garden is as well tended as the one with straight edges and well clipped hedges.

When I go for the casual look at home, all that happens is that the weeds overtake plants that have come from the nursery.

Close to the end of my one hour walk there is a meadow – I came upon that spot just before the huge automobile interchange that marks Golder’s Green.

Cows were huddled at the corner of the fence when I walked by there yesterday.

Today they were further away – the seen looked idyllic – a small meadow of buttercups.

I wanted to get yesterday's shot of them huddled against the fence, but they walked up and down the meadow.

I left when I realized how ridiculous I must look with my camera, running along side the fence, taking cow pictures.


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