Friday, May 4, 2012

A Walk in Woodside Park

... happiness is reading a book on English Grammar ...
Kelvin was as close to heaven as a person can be in this life when I said goodbye.

Now to be clear, the reason was that he was reading his favorite book, English Grammar. 

At the last minute I was trying to make his happiness perfect, cleaning off the dining room table, making a long empty space for him to fill – projects and files to be laid out to his heart’s desire.

How many miles to London?
To pass the two hours of time in the airport, I walked from one side of the terminal to the other, keeping behind the security gates so that I didn’t have to go through those again, but making sure I could take the longest of routes and keep on my feet moving before the flight began.

I walked many times past the Elite Travelers Lounge, remembering the happy times I share with Wyona in there – but she and Greg are on a Transatlantic Repositioning Cruise, so I am travelling alone now.
The High Road -- good shopping and good walking

Steve had asked me to buy a bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey for him in the Duty Free Shop.

The woman took me to the shelves to show me the choices, since he gave me no other instructions that to buy about a litre. Regular, medium or mature, the clerk wanted to know.

I choose the very best, since it is to be a wedding present for a friend.
... tulips at Christ's Church door ....

When I unwrapped the bottle for Steve he started to open it.

“What are you doing,” I asked. “Stop that. It is the gift you are giving to your friend.”

“Are you kidding,” he said. “I have never bought a bottle this good for myself. Don’t think I am giving this to a friend.”

I need a few more instructions before I go shopping for him again. A compliment, really, that I think, “When buying for Steve, only the best.”

... a peony ready to blossom ...
Rebecca and I took the tube home from Heathrow, and then chose to climb the overpass rather than take the taxi.

We pulled the suitcases home – each step slightly uphill, just enough to make me breathe deeply, and pause to see that England is ahead of us in its efforts to break into spring. Lilacs are blooming.

The May Day trees are in full bloom.

Along the High Street there is a sign that tells how far it is to the centre of London – 8 miles. And moving the other way, 3 more miles to High Barnet – a trip I still have to make.

On today’s walk I was noticing that tulips have red ruffled petals. The veins on the leaves of the peonies are turgid.

 ...a chance to rest in the church courtyard...
There was a small bench outside of Christ’s Church where the tired traveller can sit – though people in cars must move on for it is as with other church parking lots – No Parking, except for Parishioners.

A good thing there was no sign like that at the Inn.

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