Thursday, May 10, 2012


... resting on a ledge in Seaworld ...
Duncan and I have been having some crazy days on the town.

This was the first of them.

Rebecca set us up to go to Seaworld.

 But we had other tasks to do as well.

We were to pick up a CD of Chicago for her, and after our walk around Seaworld and our trip along the South Bank, both of us had aching feet – his more than mine.
... this fish would fit a square serving plate ...

He is good on the tube.

I am also able to make my way around though I am judged by him to be mediocre.

That is because on my winter trip, we did loose each other in a tube stop at Covent Garden.

Now when we get off at that station, he makes me take his arm. I try to get off there often with him. To speed up our chores we decided to take a couple of tube stops to make our journey to the theatre faster.

 On the train was the cutest little girl ever. She found a little nook at the corner of the train, one that had once held a fire-extinguisher, and now the cartridge was gone but the unit that held it was still in on the floor. She had backed her way into it, sat down and was sitting on her little haunches. I said, “Look, Duncan, did you ever see anything so cute.”

We were enjoying her. When I looked up, even if I am not that good on the subway, I could tell we were two stops past our destination. He blames me for distracting him so that he watched passengers instead of the map.
... this fish kept circling the tank ...

We spent a lot of our time laughing. I went to buy the CD at the box office, and the clerk there told me that he doesn’t sell them. “They are only on sale before and after the performance.”

“And,” he said, “you will find them much cheaper in an ordinary music store.”

 Duncan’s eyes grew wide when he heard the clerk say that.
Looks like Writing-On-Stone, but no, ... it is a real fish!

Our supper stop was to be at Byrons.

Steve and Rebecca have taken the family there before.

Duncan wanted a return trip.

Since this is a high-end burger franchise, there was a store right there by Chicago.

No, he had to go back to the store up by Seven Dials, so away we went on the tube again – him telling me that he will be able to find it when I walk him by the musical, Rock of Ages.

Well, a musical-theatre loving Grandmother can do that, and yes – on that street, I could find the theatre and he could find the restaurant.
... just give me a bun, burger, bun ... cooked medium, please ...

Duncan’s allergies have kept him pretty much eating the same food since he was small – his order is always, “A hamburger – bun, burger, bun”.

There must be enough orders given to waitresses like that, for back it came, simply a bun, burger, bun.

We discussed filling out the comment card. Duncan thought the restaurant could have more variety in their burgers.

“Yes?, said I. “What will you order then?”

“Bun, burger, bun,” he said.



  1. Hi Duncan. I love it that your landmarks are theatres title by what show they are running.

    What amazing fish in the photos. I am dying to hear what sea world facts won you the medal you were wearing around your neck in a previous blog post.

  2. I loved the blog and replies: Duncan what a loving gramma White, you have and what a great grandwon you are!

    Grampa Jonson

  3. Bonnie? I asked Duncan about the questions he had to answer. And I watched him get the question sheet, grab a pencil and run from station to station earning that medal. And now I have interviewed him for his two top questions of the 9 he answered.

    1. What kind of bag should you use when you go shopping.
    (Answer: Turtles eat jelly fish. Clear plastic bags look like jelly fish in the ocean and turtles eat them and die. So it will be better for the environment if no plastic bags get in the ocean, thus you should use a bag to get your groceries that you can use over and over.)

    2. How many bowls of sharks fin soup are served every year?
    (Answer: Over one million -- killing sharks for no good reason, for the soup is essentially tasteless -- at least that is what the sign said. But could 1,000,000 people be wrong, his grandmother wondered, for they seem to like it?)