Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walk to Golders Green

I have been here a little over two weeks now.

I should be accustomed to the walk to the Woodside Park High Road by now.

But the foliage keeps changing character.

lilacs .. the scent is divine
It is not so much that there is a new For Sale sign next door.

Houses come and go.

What is new are these lilac bushes, now in full bloom.

The wind was moving the blossom.

I kept trying to capture an image that was just right.  I couldn't do it.  That is because I was trying to catch the smell in the picture as well.

Dollis Valley Green Walk
 ... North to Moat Mount...
 ... via Barnet Playing Field ...

I am taking a different route now, than the Dollis Valley Walk that goes toward Moat Mount, the beginning of the little stream that I like following.

But when I look at the images I have captured along the way, I wonder why I would change routes.

Everything looks graceful to me.

The shape of the boles of the trees.

The water that shimmers along the brook.

The reflection of the trees in the water.
... a perfect place for hide and seek in the park ...

I walk by trees, the size of which I have never seen in Alberta.

I go under the branches, point my camera up through them, and then I notice that they are always moving -- that slight breeze that never goes away.

On today's walk, I wondered if I should turn back.

At each step I could feel just the smallest bits of moisture -- not enough to put up an umbrella, nor to turn back.

Hard to believe I get all of this ... and a walk in besides.


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