Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dancing Delight

My 39th birthday was yesterday, but on May 15 we were out-trumped by kids activities. Art took Gabe to his Gypsy rehearsal while I went to Audra's ballet dress rehearsal in Airdrie. Twenty beautiful little 3 and 4 year old girls with cute white and red ballet outfits and a ribboned ponytail (except Audra she had a ribboned barrette) came out and pointed toes and twirled around and watched their instructor for the next move. It lasted only 3 minutes, but it was so cute. They went off stage right, and then we waited a couple of minutes for the next number. Then from stage left came another class, a tap class, age was a little older, and they tapped on in a line with fingertips touching. And then at the end of their line came a short little girl in white and red with a ribbon on her barrette - Audra wanted to perform again! A second later an adult arm came out and grabbed her little arm and pulled her offstage. The crowd chuckled. It was so CUTE!

Zack was going to choose to go to Gypsy, but instead I convinced him to go to ballet. He said to me "I'm so glad I chose the dance it was so entertaining". I think he was talking about Audra's second number.

We had 3 days of celebrating me, first with mother's day then my birthday. My kids are tired of my celebrations. Well, they have to wait a year to celebrate me again.


  1. I like a birthday that goes on for a number of days.

    As well, I would like a piece of that cake, please.


  2. So cute Marcia! Her little pose with her hands clasped is priceless. Keep dancing and invading other peoples' dances too!

  3. Yesterday Audra told me she gets two "burfdays". I said no everyone only gets one. She looks at me sternly and says "no you got to burfdays!!". She still doesn't know the difference between mother's day and birthdays.