Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walk to Golders Green, IV

...succulent blackberries ...
I start my walk early, wearing a sweater, a coat, a scarves and having gloves on my hands.

By the time I am coming back down the High Road, all of those are off, and I am thinking about the warm shower at home that will wash away the beads of sweat that I can feel.

Each time I am out for this walk, I forget something – my camera, money, my ID – one out of the three is not with me.
... a huge papaya ...

What I needed the money for today was the Dollar Store which has a great fruit and vegetable market along the street, and another isle that t’s the first along the street, drawing me inside to see what other kinds of produce they are selling.

The skin on the eggplant was a glossy purple colour.

I could smell the coriander that was housed in a bushel carton.
... fresh is best ...
Today I saw a papaya that I knew I shouldn’t buy.

The boys are not going to eat it.

Why should a person always live with self-control, I thought, and the shop-keeper helping customers on the street , on my suggestion, slipped it into my bag along with some strawberries and black berries.

 Sweet treasures for less than £5.

Three cheers for brisk walks.


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