Friday, May 4, 2012

Mormon Historical Association Conference


If you are a person who needs to plan ahead, here is an interesting way to spend June 28 - July 1, 2012.  The Mormon Historical Association is having their conference at the University of Calgary.  I know I will be jet lagged, arriving back the day before, but I signed up anyway -- a once in a life-time chance to attend this event using my own home as my hotel.

Here is the link for the preliminary programme.

Skip the introduction. Scroll half way down to get right to the sessions.

Here is what looks fun to me!

Session 1B: From Curse to Vampire: Women and Juvenile Literature in LDS Female Writings

Session #2A Reconsidering Joseph Smith’s Marital Practices

Session #2F Revelation, Relief Society, and Conversion: Global Perspectives from Modern LDS Women

Session #3D Not Just Mormons: Arguments over Polygamy, 1780-1900
(The Sarah Carter presenting in this session is the same one who was at the Polygamy Workshop with us, Rebecca.  She is the one from whom I learned that the Mormon polygamists in Cardston were not charged with polygamy, while their First Nation's brothers across the road on the Blood Reserve were put in jail for the practice.)

Session #4B Early Mormon Marital Practices

Session #5G Material Encounters with Spiritual Legacy: Cooking, Trekking, and Crafting Mormonism

Session #6A The Prophets and Polygamy

The titles of the 3 papers in each session are interesting.  Should be fun if the substance of the talks meets the interest that a catchy title can pique, because some of the talks have those.

If  anyone is planning on going, give me a call.  Early registration is $150.  Cheap, considering Rebecca just paid $1000 to go to the International Women Judges Conference. (To give a rightful nod to the judges, some of that money is used to fund international delegates who can't afford to come, otherwise.  So it is all good.)

And yes, Bonnie, Lavina Fielding Anderson is on one of the panels as the copy editor to the Journal of Mormon History.

Must go for a walk now so that I will be able to get myself over to that conference in June.  The woman Rebecca clerked for in the Supreme Court is in her eighties and walks sometimes four hours a day.  She believes it is the only way to keep alive.  I max out at 2 hours a day.  Would that make me already half dead?



  1. Soooo jealous! I expect a full report of this conference. Looks so interesting! How can I get funding from my department to go?

  2. Hi Tonia,
    Yes, I was wondering last night how you can get funding since you put that idea into my mind. How about this for an idea, since you are interested in recreation. What do older Mormons do for recreation? You could watch at the conference, do a survey of people you meet, but then you might have to get some kind of ethics approval.

    Here is my take on it:
    1. they go on missions together -- sometimes 3 or more
    2. they do genealogy
    3. do they go to conferences together -- Sunstone or MHA and is this even recreation?
    4. Is there a specific Mormon profile here? Do Mormons do something different than the general populations for recreation. I am interested because I ask my friends what they are going to do when they retire, or what they do now that they are retired and have spare time. I think there is a thesis wrapped up in there somewhere, which you could start investigating by going to this conference. That is the best idea I have to get your department to fund you to the conference. A pretty poor start.

    Perhaps you should just stick with the thesis you already have and skip the conference.