Friday, May 11, 2012

Devil's Food Cake

3 eggs, 70 mls of oil and some water
Duncan has a sweet tooth.

Usually it takes him up to the N12 for a treat.

There is a store on the high street, called the N12, a small confectionery.

Closer to our house there are other stores, and closest of all, one called Food and Wine.

 But N12 is now the family name for running up to the closest single-proprietor store that might have in it some pop, some candy, a few vegetables and dry ingredients that could be purchased after 9 pm at night.
....3 full minutes of beating with a whisk ...
Instead of giving in to that food craving, we decided to make something in the kitchen – starting with a Devil’s Food Cake.

Ducan didn’t have much time for the project – just the three minutes of a commercial.

Then he had to get back to the T.V.
Rebecca doesn’t have the kitchen equipment.

Living in a rented house, she says, they exist just one step above camping – there are no bread pans, no mix master. 

Consequently they buy hardly any sugar and flour.

But there is a wire whip and the cardboard box promises a cake with just that – a bowl and a spoon or wire whisk. The batter is just as delicious made this way.

...who wants to lick the spatula? ...
There is still an opportunity to take a spatula and eat whatever is left in the bowl after most of the ingredients have made their way to a pan.

We had some blue food colouring and ½ a cup of icing sugar, so there was icing for the cake.

A timer could be set so that we didn’t have to watch over the cake, but could trust that when it rang, we wouldn’t miss too much of any TV show. mint icing --
we can work on the texture a little more ...

And the product?

Oh yes!

 One step above buying sugar at the N12.


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