Thursday, May 10, 2012

Naomi -- free to run

From Mary

Naomi got her cast off yesterday.  

Bone looks great.  

Her leg is totally atrophied, joints stiff and no flexibility.  That is the down side.  

The Dr said she was actually in good shape in terms of how much she could bend her knee and that physio wouldn’t help any more than her just using it and playing. 

She spent most of the day on her crutches.  Everything hurts including her skin.  

She got brave enough to put some weight on her leg by the evening.  

She won’t take Tylenol even though I keep offering it.  

Why won’t that kid let me put a pain killer in her mouth at such a young age?  


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  1. Congratulations Naomi! Your leg will be back strong before you know it. What did you miss doing most when you were in your cast? Are you able to do it now? Was it scratch an itchy spit on your leg?