Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Union Jack

...looking down Oxford Street...
I have trouble getting away from the house with all of my belongings.

Either I leave behind my ID or my water bottle or my camera.

Today I had all three with me, and it was the camera that was giving me a lot of fun.

My best guess is that the flags I was seeing are in honour of the Jubilee coming up.
... at Picadilly, just before Theatreland ...

Here is the street that leads into Piccadilly. I am seeing all kinds of souvenirs to mark the event -- and most of them are adorned with the Union Jack. I saw it on a hat today, on a t-shirt, and on lots of the articles (bags, dishes, shoes) in the M&M store who were celebrating both the Jubilee and the chance to have the M&M logo on the same purchase.

I feel closely connected to the makers of M&M's having participated so often in making them a major player as far as sweets go.


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