Monday, May 7, 2012

North Bank, London

... snack time, a twin ice-cream cone ...
the medal around Duncan's neck?
...a prize for answering questions in Sea World ...
Duncan has seen Sea World before.

I have not.

Today's trip was engineered by him so that I could see the fabulous array of fish there.

I have crossed the Hungerford Bridge and been to St. Albert Hall along the embankment, but I have never walked in this direction before, past the buskers, the musicians, and the hawkers of freshly roasted almonds.
 ... a merry-go-round for a less rainy day ...

Rebecca had purchased our tickets to get to SeaWorld on-line.

Duncan and his friend, Ben, had stood in a line-up for an hour to get tickets and still they had moved only a partial distance toward the ticket wicket.

They left.

Rebecca purchased our tickets, which were safely in my back pocket and we whisked through the priority ticket line -- that might be the best thing that happened to me all day.

Well, that really wasn't the best thing, because  you can see by the pictures here, that there were 20 best things that happened today.  Yes, every day, the best day ever.

...the London Eye hasn't quit moving since its inception...
Some part of the day were surreal.

For example, along this touristy strip is a large MacDonalds -- one that spills down to the basement and out onto the patio.

... off my feet at last ... so much walking even I need orthodics ...
Duncan sat on the boardwalk when we came out, slouched in a comfortable slat bench, enjoying the feeling of the water going by, the ancient buildings in front of us, the pause while we rested from our sight-seeing.

 ...Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings in the background ...
 ...cheeky pigeons in the foreground ...
... MacDonalds behind us ...
I was conscious that while the Americans refused to pay the tea tax they have returned to Mother England with a vengeance, taking over the fast food world -- at least on the Thames.



  1. don't the birds feel a bit reminiscent of a hitchcock movie?!

  2. There is an island in Shuswap Lake that is called Christmas island. It's notoriety comes from the diversity of birds you can see on it and along the trail leading to it.

    Marla, Noella, Julie, and I took our first walk there a couple of weeks ago. It was a stunning walk. We learned the island is too rocky to be stroller friendly, and that you will feel you are in the Hitchcock film Rebecca refers to above during your journey.

  3. Please have Duncan add some skill testing questions to this post.