Monday, May 7, 2012

The Avengers

... the joy of heros who come to aid us in the darkness of destruction...
Duncan and I were strolling by the theatre.

There was only one choice for a movie, The Avengers, – the one that was playing at 4 pm.

Duncan assured me that though he has seen the movie once, he was willing to forgo the pleasure of surprise, so we saw it again.
... the joy of Ben and Jerry's ... combined with a good movie ....
Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, the Black Widow and Hawkeye Loki – they were all there in the Avengers yesterday.

I haven’t followed the Marvel Comic heros.

The last thing I remember was Betty and Veronica – but if the comics can be brought to life on the big screen – why not enjoy them with a grandson!
Thinking of Dark Storms ... an attraction coming soon
We settled down in the very front rows of the Imax.

A little close for me.

That is what happens when I walk in to a movie that is essentially sold out.

We popped on our 3-D glasses and settled down to have all of the special effects of missiles coming over our shoulders and swords being waved over our eyes.

The movie was fantastic.

Duncan had to wake me twice.

Not that I am not interested in film – I am just at the end of the jet lag...and if my eyes close and won’t reopen, then he is a good one to help me.

We walked home.

Walking is a way of life here.

We walk to the grocery store.

We walk to the bowling alley.

We walk to the swimming pool.

We walk longer than the usual distance to get to the tube – and then Central London.

At the theatre a Ben and Jerry’s outlet met Duncan’s eye. No matter that he has a dairy allergy, he says. He has been sick for a few days anyway, so finish it off with the pleasure of a twisted milk shake now and then a little more discomfort at night.

Who am I to stop a man who loves pain?



  1. What did you like best about the movie? - Bonnie

    What is the next movie you wanna watch? - Joaquim

    What! Are you crazy? I thought you were allergic to dairy? -

  2. When I was in Kamloops to see an ENT about my ear ache and hearing loss, I made an awesome chance discovery. There was a comic book / gaming store across the street. They had a sign that read - Free Comic Book day. I spent $20 on some action figures and got three free Comics. One was about the Avengers. :)

  3. There were great lines in the movie, like "I want a schwarma"

    The next movie i hope to see is The Dictator.

    And you are right on the dairy. i have heartburn and am hickuping from ben & jerry's...but it was worth it! (maybe it wasn't the icecream, but the 4 slices of pizza) that was what grandmother wanted for her birthday: to make us eat til we vomitted