Friday, May 25, 2012

Gabe in Gypsy

Last night was preview night for GYPSY, a musical at the Pumphouse Theatre that runs from today until June 9. Gabe is one of the characters when they are young, so all his time on stage is in the first half hour of the first act. There weren't many boys that auditioned, but there was 16 girls that auditioned and 5 parts. So Gabe and 3 other girls play boys and sing behind another girl whose character name is Baby June. At one point each of the 4 background "boys" have a 5 second solo dance part. Gabe is a good 6 inches shorter than the other "boys". When he does his little dance number he has a goof grin on his face and looks straight up to the ceiling, and the audience could not stop laughing. On the way home, he asked me why everyone laughs when he does his part, because the other "boys" don't get the laugh when they do their parts. I didn't know why either, but I laughed too. I told him it was because he was cute and entertaining... I am lousy and these encouraging mother answers I should give.

Anyway, it was so entertaining.

The first Act is PG rated. Act II is certainly PG13, maybe even R.

Since it was the preview, Gabe and the other girls could sit in the audience to watch.

As the final striptease finished, I leaned over to Gabe and said "are you sure you have seen this part". He looked up with a goof grin.

The hardest part for me (cuz it really should be all about me, since that is the theme of the musical, the overbearing stage mother)... anyway, the hardest part was teaching him twinkle twinkle little star on the on the clarinet.

He was scared about squeaking, but he didn't squeak once, and I had a tear in the corner of my eye.


  1. Hi Marcia and Gabe,

    So much fun to read. Wish I were there to come and see the show. I know this movie well, for I studied it in a film class ... and wrote an essay on it. But I haven't seen it in its musical theatre form. So I doubly want to see it.

    Would love to see his costuming. Any chance he can stand still long enough for you to get a picture of it ... or maybe even with his clarinet.


  2. I have been wanting the same thing... pictures of Gabe in costume! But alas they don't allow parents backstage since it is so small back there and it is a large cast. I can't take pictures during the show. I have been plotting to send Gabe with the camera one night and asking one of the cast members to take pictures of him. He has 3 different parts, so 3 different outfits. I'll see what I can do. My phone may have accidentally been recording for 2 minutes last night, I don't know how it happened, it was in my pocket almost the whole time.

  3. Lol! Way to go mom Marcia!
    I am excited to see the musical when I am in town!
    Love the text messages from Gabe letting me know he is headed to a cast party. Cast parties make everyone feel important and part of a great group of people. Let me know how it went.

  4. Oh, those cell phones can be such a problem. I'll break all the rules and take pictures when I am there. What are they going to do to an old lady and one who only speaks French at that.