Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wicked, Encore

 ... the only musical still running 10 years later ...
Duncan and I went to Wicked last night.

I lined up at the theatre doors at 9 am to get two £27.50 tickets on the front row – a bargain.

Duncan likes to sit beside people he knows at the theatre.

Or perhaps have an empty seat between him and the next person – that will do also.
... Duncan getting Glindafied ...

But we were in a sold out house last night. The next best alternative was that my old boarder, Thomas Ten Cate, was there.

I had explained to Duncan that Thomas works for Google.

“How can that be? How can a person work in virtual space where there is nothing,” Duncan wanted to know.

“It is not exactly like that,” Thomas said.
... so much construction it is hard to find your way
through the maze and into the theatre ...

Duncan also wanted to know, “Can you get into people’s accounts and see everything when you work at Goggle?”

Oh, the mysteries of life!

Thomas explained that no one has powers that great – that he works with Google Calendar, just a small piece of Google.

I don’t know which held more of the evening’s fun for Duncan.

The play?

... on the steps of Google ...
Or going over to Thomas’s office afterward (a five minute walk away), sitting on the steps of a building that has high security, and imagining what must be going on inside while Thomas went in to retrieve some luggage for us.


There are chances to imagine even more in the line of mystery, than what we saw on stage – the changing of a man into a scarecrow, a woman who can defy gravity, a goat who is a professor.


Maybe some things are easier to imagine that others.


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  1. Great question Duncan, how can a person work for Google when it only virtually exists. I hope Thomas was able to answer your question and make sure you brag at school about how you know this really important man who works for Google and pretty much runs the whole thing. :)