Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Birthday Dinner

... recycled flowers ... from the judges' tables to my birthday party ...
On my birthday, Bonnie asked me what kind of pie I liked.

Since I am in London, I don’t think she was planning on sending anything more to me than an idle question.

But I thought about it?  My favorite kind of pie?  I had to admit, pie is the last thing I would select from a dessert menu.

I don’t like pie. I never have. Oh a taste of lemon meringue, maybe, but whipping cream has to be substituted for the meringue. The reality is, what I am looking for is lemon flavoured whipping cream.

I don’t care about the pie crust, though I must like crust, because I will make butter tarts at Christmas and that is a kind of pie.

... my birthday bouquet ...
I like strawberry pie, as well, but that is only a variation on my desire for lemon flavored whipping cream.

OK Maybe I like chocolate pie too – but there it is – more of the same.

For my birthday dinner only Duncan, Alex and Rebecca were present.

When it was time to whip up a cake that would go down in my history for the number of candles it would hold, Rebecca told me that although the boys were lobbying for cake, what they were truly interested in would be the ice-cream on the side.

... a picture perfect rose ...
That set the menu for me. I believe in going direct. Why waste time making cake? We walked to Sainsburys where we each purchased pints of our favorite Häagen-Dazs ice-cream. We ordered in pizza since it was Tuesday – half price night. And that was my birthday dinner.

No pie.



  1. Idle question indeed! I'd be offended if you weren't right.

    But as for me, there I'd nothing better than an apple pie. In part it is because it invariably flashes me back to the kitchen table in. Grandpa Doral's house. Him sitting at the table looking at the steaming pie with the reverence reminiscent of the sacrament table.

    He would serve everyone else first, and then eat the last piece right out of the pie shell. I thought that looked like such fun, but did notice his generosity did not leave him with the lion's share. Hard to notice since we all had our faces staring at our slice, mmming and ahhhing while chewing, taking in deep breaths through our noses so as to enjoy every last air born Apple pie molecule.

    And then there were the times when there was enough pie to spare. Grandpa, how much cream should I pour on? As much as you like. If you have left over cream on your plate you can always add another slice of pie, or if you are left with a creamless final bite of pie, well then you can add more cream, of course.

    No cream left? Try what your Grandad is having: a slice of sharp cheddar cheese.

  2. Oh ... all of those things are true about pie. If I have to have apple pie ... then I like it with some cinnamon and a little nutmeg in the filling -- and I like it warm -- not hot, so that the ice-cream melts, but just when it is warm. And if the crust is perfect -- oh what a magical moment that is. Home-made apple pie, sitting on the porch in the fall, watching the leaves begin to fall, pleasant memories from the past floating by, and second for anyone whose health can stand it.

    Which do you think is better? Pie crust made from Crisco or lard?

    Anyone want a pie lesson this summer. Mary has already had hers, from Aunt Bonnie ... which is what makes Mary almost the perfect pie maker.