Thursday, May 17, 2012


...the Slug and Lettuce at the end of the street ...
This is how I found myself in Leicester Square this morning.

Wyona put me on assignment.

I was to check out the prices of Singing in the Rain, one of London’s newest musicals.

Yesterday I checked at the theatre box office.

They have 18 obstructed or slightly obstructed views for £25 each.

Those are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, two tickets per person, and if there are more than ten people in the line-up, then don’t bother waiting.

I checked at Leicester Square as well, and the tickets for this show are regular price there.

... looking toward the main door of the M&M store ...
I became interested in the shape of one of the buildings at the end of the street -- it looked like the ones that I would see in Holland along the canals.

The fact that its mirror image was caught in the walls of the building to the left was on my mind and I walked down to see if this was a heritage building.

Perhaps someday it will be that. Right now it is a restaurant called The Slug and Lettuce.

So I looked to see what commercial ventures were in the new building -- and yes, an M&M store with every product a person could want to purchase -- all with the trademark of M&M.

Even the trash can on wheels that keeps the plaza in front of it clean, has M & M on it.

It took me quite a while to figure out -- no, the trash cans belong to MacDonalds, also on the same square.

 ... running flights in the M&M Store ...
I must have been thinking about all of this in the context of taking pictures in London.  Glen told me, no, take pictures of flowers at home -- here, concentrate on architecture.

So ... here it is ... the architecture of a new store.
... M&M's Pic n Mix ...

When you go inside a clerk offers you a basket, net sides with a solid bottom and the size of a bushel.

“What grandma would set her grandchildren out in that store and tell them to fill that basket,” I thought.

But I saw a little girl who was up to the task, her grandmother happily following along with her wallet.
... payments at this carousel, please ...

There are pictures on a stairway wall that would be good places to take snapshots to remind one of London.

Or perhaps get your picture taken alongside of this medieval M&M.

I was alone, so no photo ops for me.


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