Thursday, May 24, 2012

Theatre Treats

Tickets for Wicked, anyone?
In the first film course I took, the instructor told us that we should come to the film viewing, readying to enjoy the whole experience, and to bring along our drinks, our popcorn and our treats.

I thought the professor was just making a joke.

But I have come to know that part of the filmic / theatre experience involved snacks and pre-theatre drinks.

Ice Cream at MacDonalds
the non-drinkers option for pre-theatre drink
In fact, most of the musical theatre shows begins with a voice remind the audiences that no photography is permitted, that they should turn off their cell phones, and that their sweets should be unwrapped now instead of during the performance.

Wyona has been a good example to me.

She thinks far ahead on the subject of treats and has the soda cold and in one corner of a bag that is just the right size for sweets, and the other treats are unwrapped in separate zip lock bags and portions for the number of people accompanying her to the theatre. There is a bit of heart failure at the door when an usher asks to look in the bag, but apparently we pass the test, for there is no alcohol content in our purses. In fact, one usher asked to look in Zoe’s bag, Zoe opened it up and the usher said, “Great snacks!” and motioned her on.

Duncan and I have been attending West End performances and varying our sweets. Last night we had Starbursts, Cadbury’s Bits Wispa, Cadbury’s Crunchie Rocks, Cadbury’s Caramel Nibbles and Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate. We entertained ourselves on the tube ride there, by reading the wrappers of the Starbursts.

1. Balance a Starburst on your nose.
2. Balance three Starbursts on your finger (it doesn’t designate which finger)
3. Keep quiet for one minute. NO giggling.
4. Make a noise like a pig while hopping like a kangaroo.

Duncan shared the treats with Thomas Ten Cate and Makmiller Pedroso, who had tickets on the front row with us. We had enough treats that we could have shared with all 20 people on the front row. All of this to say that I learned something else last night.
... the day after ...
a chance to retrieve Starbursts from melted chocolate

When the treat bag sits on the lap of a warm eleven year old, this is what the treats looks like at the end of the night.

We left it in the fridge all day and tonight we tried to mine the Starbursts back out of the chocolate rock.



  1. I am in Mcdonalds having my large drink for a dollar and am laughing about the heated treats. Did he have any wipes to clean off his fingers after he discovered the melted treats?

  2. I am in Copenhagen on my balcony having no treats and just rushing until someone finds out I am on their free internet sight.

  3. Moiya, a good idea about taking wipes to the theatre when I have a good treat bag. Usually Wyona provides everything, and I haven't learned to be a hostess of that excellence.

    And I bought myself some good treats after my walk today.

    I bought red pepper humous and ate it with celery sticks. Mmm.

    Each to his own set of treats.

    I also finished off a whole package of fresh strawberries on my own. I will share the other package with Duncan and Alex, but they won't know that they are getting treats when they eat them.