Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Pair of Doe Eyes

As I was walking along the paved sidewalk, I felt as though I were being watched.

I stopped and there it was.

A deer quietly standing with its eyes upon me.

I didn't know if it would stay long enough for me to take a picture, but I gave it my best shot.

It was skittish and I tried to capture its curved lines as it turned its back to me, and then twisted its head back for one last look.
... leg poised ready for flight ...

Couldn't be more fun, walking along the streets, seeing the animals come out from between houses or in the small meadow that leads to the playground.

Where ever there is something green to eat there might be a deer.

I walk so slowly along the streets for I can't stop myself from look at the blossoms or the leaves on trees.

I don't know what to say about Spring here, except that it is just beautiful.



  1. Leo spotted a snowy owl on the way to Montreal. We stopped the car to get out and see how close we could get. It didn't want to let use get too close but flew just a few fence posts over. Leo told us he has seen a snowy owl 3 times in his life -- always on this particular stretch of the highway to Montreal. Rhiannon wondered if maybe it has been the same owl each time, which is a possibility.

  2. I am curious if Leo has an opinion about why he can spot white owls (or one white ow) at the same place. I remember having a white owl on our mantel piece that Doral acquire when someone who owned it needed a little quick cash. The person could do anything with the money, but not buy a frat jacket. That, of course, is why he needed the money. When he got the frat jacket and then tried to buy back the owl, the deal was off. The white owl was Dorals. When Doral died I gave that white owl back to its original owner, no one in our house really wanting to take ownership of it. All of this to say, that seeing a white owl seemed normal to me -- one that had experienced taximdermy.